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From: Gary Bernier
RE: Search Engine Optimization

Dear Internet Marketers and Website Owners,

Through our SEO Secrets, you will learn how to PULL in traffic to your website. Not just occasionally, but on a constant basis. You will see how learning SEO is easy when you read our guides to optimizing your pages, and use our reports to tune your pages. We have put together an amazing bundle of information and tools that will help you achieve the rank you desire.
Here's Everything You Get:

SEO for WordPress - $19.95 Value

Most people today have a WordPress Website because it makes things so simple. In this guide we show you exactly, step-by-step, what to do to apply your keywords to your pages and optimize them so that you will move up in the rankings. These are the exact same steps we do for our clients that pay us thousands of dollars to optimize their sites. They're easy, anyone can do them, you just need to combine them with excellent keyword research - see below.
How To SEO Your WordPress Website

Ultimate Keyword Report - $14.95

You get access to our two keyword tools. The first one will help you understand your keyword space and help you pick your main keyword. The Ultimate Keyword Report will show you where the opportunities exist to dominate the search engines for related keywords.
How To SEO Your WordPress Website

Five Full SEO Reports - $7.95 each ($39.75 Total Value)

Get guidance on exactly what you need to change on your pages in order to increase your SEO Rankings. Detailed analysis and specific detailed instructions provided on how to optimize any page on your website.
How To SEO Your WordPress Website
Here's Everything You Get:
  • What the professionals are doing to rise above in the search engine.
  • Why Keywords will make or break your rankings.
  • Samples of a perfectly optimized page to guide you.
  • Clear Instructions for you and your writer.

Bonus #1 - Keyword & SEO Article Collection

Complete Collection of our 15 best articles on Keywords and SEO optimization. We have taken these articles and assembled them for the first time in a step-by-step instructional format to teach you exactly how to develop and implement your keyword strategy and total SEO optimize your website.
How To SEO Your WordPress Website

Bonus #2 - Mastering Google Analytics $29.95 Value

In order to fully optimize your pages and your website you need to see what is working and what is not. You need to use Googles Search Console (previously webmaster tools) and Google Analytics to measure exactly what visitors are doing when they come to your site.

We show you how to set up analytics and teach you about the numbers you are looking at so that you can see exactly how visitors are using your site.

How To SEO Your WordPress Website
What People Are Saying

"traffic to my site has jumped..."

“I always knew there was a little something I was missing. When I read about all the little parts of creating a blog post I was missing to make it even more effective I began implementing right away. In the past 5 months the traffic to my site has jumped 12,000 views per month!” 

How To SEO Your WordPress Website
Bill Parravano,
"These changes worked like a charm..."
"I received your report suggesting the corrections to the website for the business to get to the top of the search with Google. These changes worked like a charm and it is now placed near the top of one search using the keywords. Thank you for your time and help."
Donna Gray,
Over $100 Value When Purchased Separately
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Why So Cheap?
Because, we make our money doing these things for people that don't want to do it themselves. We are happy to share our tips and techniques with anyone willing to take action on their own. This is not for people that don't want to invest in themselves and their success. It is only for those that want a great deal and do whats required to move up in the search engine rankings.
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with what you get for any reason we will refund one hundred percent of your money absolutely no questions asked. We know this bundle has all the information, tips and techniques to help you optimize your site, and other people are already satisfied paying us full price for these individual items. Which makes it easy for us to Guarantee your satisfaction.
Say yes to this offer and you will have everything you need to completely SEO optimize your website. 

Kind Regards,
Gary Bernier

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